Install PC Matic Already Purchased

How do I Install PC Matic Already Purchased in Order to Old Customers

  • On the computer you need to install PC Matic on, go to
  • Click on “Download button”
  • Follow the instruction for installation
  • After you have installed PC Matic, restart your computer
  • Open PC Matic – upon doing so, you will see your screen: 
  • Click “Login” at bottom left corner.  This will bring up this screen: 
  • Enter in email address & password linked with your PC Matic account to have access to PC Matic
  • That’s it!  You’re done.

How to Delete Virus by using PC Matic that’s Already Purchase?

Simple Instruction to Follow to Remove Virus by Using PC Matic

It is quite easy to use PC Matic software for removing virus from your PC. Just follow steps as stated below to make your computer virus-free:

  • Open PC Matic Antivirus on your PC by double-clicking on its icon & provide your login details. The home screen of the PC Matic will seems on screen.
  • Click on ‘Options’ or ‘Scan’ button. Using ‘Options’ you can change & customize PC Matic including current scan settings whereas ‘Scan’ option run a scan with the current settings customized in options window
  • After you hit on ‘Scan’ key, you will see different scan options provided by PC Matic. For your first scan, check your ‘Disks’, ‘Benchmarks’ & ‘Malware’ options and click on ‘Continue’. (Automate Changes is not need if you are scanning your computer for very first time).
  • Scanning will start & you can see status & progress of scanning in terms of maintenance, stability, security, & performance.
  • After done scan, you can see scan summary on the screen. The summary is color-coded for convenience of the user.
  • You can see summary of changes & suggestions by clicking on ‘Summary’. You can also see an entire page of detailed updates by clicking on ‘Reports’.
  • Click on gear-shaped ‘Next’ button present at bottom right corner.
  • The PC Matic will automatically start cleaning your PC after you click Next key.
  • After removal of virus or any other junk files in your computer, PC Matic will display report of every taken action.
  • After the completion of this process, you will have to restart your system & re-scan it for an updated report.
  • You can also do the setting for weekly scan if you need.

How to Assemble PC Matic Scheduled Scan?

  • If you are not logged into PC Matic account already, firstly sign in your account.
  • Find your system’s name in Dashboard & choose None Scheduled option.
  • To schedule new scan, hit Schedule New Event option.
  • Settings such as Frequency, Scan Type, & more can be changed on next screen.
  • Once you key in all necessary details, click the Save button to store scheduled scan event.

How to add Software to PC Matic Whitelist?

  • If you get useful apps being blocked by PC Matic SuperShield, you can add program or application to your Whitelist by overriding SuperShield.
  • The how to install PC Matic steps given below will assist your override SuperShield in advanced mode.
  • Find SuperShield icon on bottom-right corner of your desktop, beside time display.
  • Once software window opens, hit Protection level tab.
  • Look for Blocking Notification Method option &b set it to Prompt for Override (Advanced) option.
  • Now, try to open particular program that is getting blocked.
  • Choose Always Allow button on SuperShield blocking screen that opens. Add the program to your Whitelist.
  • It is necessary to set SuperShield to its normal state to prevent malware being allowed to run.
  • Now, hit SuperShield icon on your desktop again. Set Block Notification method to Display only (recommended) option.

How to manage PC Matic Antivirus?

  • To view whitelisted software, click green Shield icon on your desktop & then choose Settings menu on the software home screen.
  • Click Whitelisted apps option. You will be get to see all the apps that are on white list.
  • PC Matic MSP is an advanced program that permits you to get full control of all the white & balcklisted software on your PC.
  • Click Manage Whitelists/Blacklists option. You see level of whitelisting.
  • To modify settings for a particular group, make use of the group filter.
  • Choose a suitable level of whitelisting. Some of whitelisting categories are provided below.
  • Startups: PC Matic blocks startup software that are not required, thus saving resources they take up while starting up. If you intend to have such startups, you can add them to your local startup whitelist.
  • Services: In case you need particular service to be in automatic mode & continually running, you can whitelist it.
  • Drivers: Whitelist older versions of a driver PC Matic installed on your system to prevent driver from getting updated.
  • Browser Add Ons: To whitelist browser extensions.
  • SuperShield Allow: This feature will assist you manage whitelist locations for real time protection.


How to delete Unwanted File?

  • Follow below points to delete quarantine file location.
  • Open PC Matic main application. Choose “Settings gear” on PC Matic screen.
  • A menu option will be displayed on screen. Go to the bottom of the menu option.
  • Select quarantine file which you need to delete & click file location.
  • Press Delete option to delete the quarantine file location from your computer.

How to block unwanted ads

  • PC Matic AD blocker is used to avoid fraudulent activities & malware to protect end user’s device.
  • Follow the below instructions to block ads using PC Matic AD blocker.
  • Open any web browser. Go to official page and download the latest version of PC Matic software.
  • Install software. By default, the ad blocking feature will run for Internet Explorer users.
  • But for Firefox & Chrome users, there will be a prompt that
  • Intimating installation of the PC Matic extension/add on.
  • When you see prompt, xhoose Allow to block ads.
  • A new window seems with Super shield logo on your browser. If this logo is green, it is blocking ads, and if the logo is red, it indicates that the program is not blocking.
  • If you need to disable blocking feature, press Super Shield logo and then choose the Blue button.
  • The PC Matic software’s AD blocker has new feature called Infinite Alert Protection providing advanced protection.

How to update PC Matic Antivirus Simple Steps?

  • PC Matic will be updated when you open your program every time. It resides in cloud and so, is will always up-to-date.
  • To update PC Matic manually on Mac computer, follow the how to install PC Matic instructions listed below.
  • Ensure that your PC has access to Internet connection.
  • Open PC Matic Internet Security, and go to the main window of PC Matic antivirus program.
  • Click the Update option. Sign into PC Matic install, click Devices tab and choose your device.

Restore your settings in PC Matic

Follow guideline listed below to reset PC Matic settings.

  • Open PC Matic, and then hit Options on the PC Matic main screen.
  • Click the Restore Settings option under menu tab at the left top corner of the computer screen.
  • Now, choose Restore and close the screen. Go to the tap bar on the system and enter System Restore.
  • Now, choose Next and select the desired option displayed on the screen. Confirm your restore point and then click done.
  • Go to Accessories, choose System Restore, and click Restore my system to an earlier time option.
  • Now, press Next and choose restoration period from the list given. Click Next to complete the restoration process.

How to Modify PC Matic in your System?

To modify PC Matic antivirus program, you need to follow how to install PC Matic instructions given below.

Windows 7:

  • Click Start button. Choose the Control Panel option.
  • Click the Uninstall or Disable a software option.
  • Scroll the program screen and choose the PC Matic software.
  • As soon as you hit the PC Matic application, the Uninstall or Disable button seems at the top of the program list.
  • Click the Uninstall or Disable button. Now PC Matic software will be removed from the program list as per your need.

Windows 10:

  • Click the Windows icon to open Start menu.
  • Choose Settings tab and click the software and Features option.
  • Search and locate the PC Matic software on the Application and Features screen.
  • Click the Uninstall button followed by Uninstall.

Final Note

If you face any other type of issues while, download, install and activate PC Matic Software, you need to visit our community page or FAQ Section.Also you can contact our customer support team for your any