Install PC Matic on Another Computer

How do I install PC Matic on new device? Access your Account

How to Install on Windows Computers

  1. On the computer you need to install on, open any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Bing, etc.)
  2. Now go to into address bar and press enter. 
  3. The installer file will automatically start download. You may see it in lower left corner of your browser (Chrome), or you can get it in your Downloads folder. 
  4. Double click on installation file, or click it once & press enter.
  5. If prompted with User Account Control, click Yes.
  6. Choose your language & press okay
  7. Read and accept License Agreement and click Next.
  8. Click Next to confirm install location.
  9. Click Next to confirm the start menu location.
  10. Choose if you need to create desktop shortcut and click Next.
  11. Choose Install.
  12. Once done, choose to open PC Matic & click Finish.
  13. When PC Matic launches, click Login in the lower left corner. 
  14. Enter your PC Matic account details email address & password and click Login. 
  15. You’ve done installing PC Matic!

How to Install & Activate PC Matic on Mac Computers

  1. Click on Download file above to download PC Matic Mac.
  2. To done the install process, you will need to know administrator password for your system. This is most likely the password you use to login to your Mac on a daily basis.
  3. Navigate to where you downloaded and/or saved .dmg installer file.
  4. Double hit the InstallPCMatic.dmg file to begin the install process.
  5. Once you double click InstallPCMatic.dmg file it will open a new window called PCMatic with two files inside 
    1. PC Matic.pkg – This is your main installer file and what we’ll use to put PC Matic in place.
    1. Uninstall PC Matic.tool – This is the uninstall file and can be saved somewhere on your system for future use or the .dmg file can be re-downloaded to access it.
  6. Right-click PC Matic.pkg file and click Open to continue with the install file.
  7. Click Open again, click Continue, and then snap Install.
  8. Type in your administrator password and click Install Software. 
  9. Before done, your Mac may prompt you to permit our system extension. The system extension is critical for antivirus products and must be allowed for PC Matic to secure your device. Click Open Security Preferences in the prompt. (If you don’t see this prompt, skip to step 12) 
  10. In the Security & Privacy window at the bottom you will see “System Software from Developer “PC Pitstop LLC” was blocked from loading”. Click the allow button. 
  11. After you click allow, the option will seems and you can close the Security and Privacy window.
  12. Once done , click Close.
  13. You should now see our PC Matic Mac icon appear in the Status Bar at the top of your PC desktop. It will begin as a red shield. 
  14. Click the red shield, and choose ‘Register’ to connect this Mac with your PC Matic account.
  15. Sign in with your PC Matic account information.
  16. Once signed in, the shield will switch over to green to show that your computer is protected.
  17. Installation is done!

How to Install on Android Smartphones

  1. On your Android mobile Device, open the Google Play store application. 
  2. In the search bar, type PC Matic and press enter or open 
  3. Tap the PC Matic application in the list. 
  4. On the page for our application, tap Install. 
  5. Now click the Open button after installation done. 
  6. Login with your PC Matic account email address and correct password.
  7. You’ve done installing PC Matic!

How to Install PC Matic Antivirus on Multiple Computer

  1. To reinstall PC Matic or install the software on an additional system, download and install program by clicking the link below:

2. Once the software is installed, open the application.

3.Login to run the scan. Login with the same email address , and password as was previously used for the original installation.

Do not click on ‘Register’ option or ‘Edit’ option or otherwise try to use the license key again.

How to Install PC Matic Antivirus on New Computer?

The virtual world of Internet is full of online security torjons like viruses, malware, spyware etc. It’s important that you have good antivirus installed in your computer to keep your precious data safe. PC Matic is the one stop resolution for all your antivirus requirements. It offers total security against all type of online virus. If you are wondering how to install PC Matic on another computer then this information is just for you.

Apart from providing end point security against cyber threats, PC Matic also increase the computer’s performance by removing junk files. While installing pc matic there may be face some error like Pcmatic not working. Here, in this post, we will illustrate step by step method to install PC Matic Antivirus software.

Computer Requirement for PC Matic Antivirus

Your PC system must fulfill the below system requirement in order to install PC Matic Antivirus.

Operating System: PC Matic is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 and 11. It also works well on Android 4.0.3 or later or IOS.

Processor: The processor of your computer should be of at least 1 GHz capacity.

Memory: Should have RAM of at least 512MB or greater.

Hard Disk:  It need at least 1 GB free space in Hard drive.

How to Download and Install PC Matic Antivirus in another computer?

If your computer met all the system requirements for PC Matic antivirus, then you can get on with the downloading & installation procedure by following steps given below.

  1. First of all, visit official website of PC Matic it is
  2. Here you will get the option to download PC Matic  itself. Purchase the license key; it will enable you to run PC Matic up to 5 devices. However, you can also opt for the free version of PC Matic if you need.
  3. The file will be downloaded with the name similar to “pcmatic-setup-0000.exe”.
  4. Open downloaded file and follow the instructions of installation wizard.
  5. Read & agree to the terms and conditions of PC Matic Installation.
  6. Now, the wizard will automatically install software in your computer.
  7. Don’t forget to restart your computer after installation gets done.
  8. Run PC Matic from the icon available at the desktop.
  9. Click on login option available the bottom left corner of the PC Matic window.
  10. Enter your email id & password linked to your PC Matic account.
  11. That’s it, your PC Matic Antivirus is now ready to use.

PC Matic Installation Errors

Although above mentioned points will let you install PC Matic without much of a hassle. However, in some cases, users may have to deal with different PC Matic installation errors. If you are also unable to install PC Matic then we recommend you to try following guidelines.

  • Make sure that your system met all system requirements for the installing PC Matic.
  • Try to install PC Matic in compatibility mode.
  • Download the required drivers from manufacturer’s website it is
  • Make sure you have downloaded latest version of PC Matic and all the latest windows updates are installed in your PC.

Final Note

If you face any other problems for installing, please go to our community page or check in FAQ section. Also you can contact our customer support team.