PC Matic Download Install

How do I Download & Install PC Matic Antivirus

  1. On PC you need to install on, open your any browser
  2. Type pcmatickey.org/pc-matic-download-install into address bar & press enter. 
  3. The installation file will automatically download. You may see it in lower left corner of your browser (Chrome), or you can get it in your Downloads folder. 
  4. Double hit on installation file, or click it once & press enter.
  5. If prompted with User Account Control, click Yes. 
  6. Choose your language & press OK
  7. Read & accept License Agreement & click Next.
  8. Click Next to confirm install location.
  9. Click Next to confirm the start menu location.
  10. Choose if you need to create desktop shortcut & click Next.
  11. Choose  Install.
  12. Once done, choose to open PC Matic & click Finish.
  13. When PC Matic launches, click Login in lower left corner.
  14. Enter your PC Matic account email address & password and click Login.
  15. You’ve done installing PC Matic!

PC Matic Security Features

PC Matic’s malware scanner uses whitelisting to block malicious programs. This means that PC Matic has database of known “good” programs & blocks programs that aren’t on that database.

If certain program isn’t on PC Matic’s list, that program is automatically sent to company’s testing team. If the program proves to be safe, it ends up on this whitelist. And if a user doesn’t need to wait until PC Matic’s team tests the program, they can manually whitelist it themselves.

PC Matic says that blacklisting programs isn’t effective because hackers constantly come up with new threats. So, the logic is that it’s easier to keep track of good programs than it is to try to “keep up” with new malware.

This all sounds good, but there are two problems with this approach:

1. PC Matic regularly blocks valid programs. If program is not on its whitelist, PC Matic will block it — regardless of whether it’s an actual threat or not. Sure, PC Matic team looks into unknown programs & users can whitelist programs, but getting a lot of false positives can be annoying.

2. PC Matic likes to say that other antiviruses only use blacklists to prevent malware. Yeah, antivirus programs use blacklists, but they also use other advanced methods to detect malicious behavior.

PC Matic also has a feature that detects malicious scripting activity — this is malware that doesn’t need to be downloaded (unlike a .exe file which does require to be downloaded). And PC Matic provides some protection against brute force attacks

PC Matic’s approach to malware detection isn’t bad — but it’s not great either. I’d like to see PC Matic come up with a more effective way to separate safe, unknown programs from dangerous, unknown threats. However, I agree with PC Matic that it’s better for an antivirus program to show false positives than false negatives. And I can’t say that PC Matic’s approach doesn’t work — after all, PC Matic was excellent at blocking all types of malware during my tests.

PC Matic Comprehensive System Scan

PC Matic examines gadgets for a wide scope of problems.It searches for malware, garbage records, driver refreshes, broadband quality, and a ton of different things that can hurt or dial back your gadget.

When testing PC Matic, I originally downloaded the free form and ran a free sweep. I anticipated that it should be over in two or three hours, yet after PC Matic had been checking for issues on my PC for in excess of 20 hours,I at long last surrendered and halted the sweep.

I then, at that point, tried the exceptional form of PC Matic. I ran the output, and it was finished in around two minutes, which was exceptionally odd. At the point when I checked out the report, I saw that PC Matic really didnt perform malware examining.

I viewed as this exceptionally strange. As a matter of first importance, the default examine settings incorporate malware filtering and PC Matic says it HIGHLY suggests keeping malware checking checked.

Second, I like that PC Matic examined my PC for a wide scope of issues. In any case, when Im testing an antivirus programming, Im first and principal inspired by quite a while capacity to distinguish and eliminate malware from my gadget nothing else.

Thus, I gave PC Matics check another attempt. The subsequent output was likewise completed rapidly (quickly), however the report included malware checking this time.

Something fascinating was that PC Matic found one infection on my PC Lavasoft Web Companion. Lavasoft Web Companion is a conceivably undesirable application (PUA) that is frequently introduced on a gadget along with another product. I dont recollect truly introducing it, so its pleasant that PC Matic got it.

Nonetheless, as irritating it could be to find that you accidentally or unconsciously introduced an application, Lavasoft Web Companion is anything but a malevolent program, so I think PC Matic shouldnt arrange this program as an infection as it might befuddle a few clients.

PC Matic likewise has an easy to-utilize examine scheduler. At the point when the main framework examination is finished, you can plan a sweep for any gadget enrolled under your record.

To plan an output for every one of my gadgets, I essentially needed to set a period and date and go through the default choices to check whether I needed to roll out any improvements (plan a full sweep rather than a speedy sweep, cripple programmed driver refreshes, etc.).I could likewise choose to accept my sweep results by means of email which is really helpful as I like to run examines on my home PC and pass on to get things done.

Generally, PC Matics scanis good. I couldn’t finish the free sweep, so I cannot suggest the free form of PC Matic. Likewise, while its whitelisting methodology is alright, Id like to see PC Matic incorporate further developed malware-battling innovation.

Notwithstanding, utilizing the top notch adaptation of PC Matic, I thought that it is extremely simple to filter my PC and timetable both individual and gathering sweeps, and I imagined that the definite output reports were quite helpful once I was more acquainted with them.

PC Matic Report and Cleanup

Subsequent to finishing a sweep, PC Matic conveys a definite, shading coded report with clarifications and suggestions.

The report is loaded with data, and keeping in mind that a few clients may think that it is very helpful, I really felt pretty overpowered. After completely investigating the dashboard directions, I got what each tone addressed (for example, red is for issues that require quick activity, dim is for skipped sweeps, and dim blue is a superfluous change). However, I believe that the report ought to be much more clear and more obvious.

When I reviewed my report, I continued to fix the issues that PC Matic found. I could pick whether I needed to fix all the issues or skirt some of them.

While its prescribed to determine every one of the recognized issues, I needed to uncheck one choice plate defragmentation since I have a SSD circle, and specialists prescribe SSD circle clients to not utilize defragmentation. I was somewhat shocked that PC Matic even offered me this choice since it perceived that I had a SSD plate during the sweep. In any case, I like that I had the decision to impair this choice.

PC Matic settled every one of the issues in only a few minutes and encouraged me to restart my PC and do one more output to ensure there were no more issues. I adhered to the guidelines, and PC Matic didnt track down any new issues during the rescan.

I like that PC Matics report is itemized, yet I figure it very well may be more clear and better organized.However, the cleanup cycle is speedy and basic, and I like that clients can choose whether they need to fix all the issues or only some of them.


PC Matic does ongoing malware insurance in an unexpected way. Not at all like most antiviruses which have continuous insurance previously included, SuperShield is an extra component (that accompanies all paid PC Matic licenses) that should be downloaded independently.

SuperShield utilizes PC Matics worldwide whitelist every one of the things PC Matic believes is real to perceive and prevent malware from contaminating gadgets.

You can turn on SuperShield toward the finish of PC Matics establishment interaction, or you can empower it sometime in the not too distant future. Notwithstanding, remember that you cannot utilize SuperShield until you perform no less than one framework filter.

To ensure SuperShield is running on your PC, you should actually look at your framework plate. In the event that the SuperShield symbol is green, you are ensured. In the event that the symbol is yellow, SuperShield is refreshing. Furthermore, if the symbol is red, SuperShield isnt working.

SuperShield is both simple to utilize and understand.I could get to the SuperShield report from my dashboard, which showed all projects and applications that were running or attempting to run on my gadget. A green circle close to a section implies its a decent program. Yellow circles on the report demonstrate obscure projects. Also, red circles demonstrate obscure or noxious projects that were obstructed.

I needed to perceive how SuperShield responded to malware, so I attempted to test it against some ransomware. When I downloaded the ransomware test system, SuperShield impeded the product. I then whitelisted the ransomware test system and ran it on my gadget, however SuperShield was really tireless and wouldnt even allowed it to execute, which is something excellent!

I additionally positioned other malware on my PC, including infections and trojans, and SuperShield impeded every one. In general, SuperShield does a very steady employment at preventing malware from going into a framework.

While testing SuperShield, it additionally impeded real projects. In any case, I could whitelist these projects that I knew were protected. In any case, remember that physically whitelisting programs is ONLY suggested if youre 100% sure that they are legitimate.If youre not sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that an impeded program is acceptable, you should hang tight for the PC Matic group to investigate it (obscure projects are naturally shipped off the PC Matic group for examination, and it requires the PC Matic group two or three hours to dissect obscure projects and decide if they are protected or risky).

As a rule, I think its truly abnormal that continuous security is discretionary. All things considered, SuperShield was easy to utilize and it forestalled malware from executing on my gadget each time I attempted. Be that as it may, it likewise forestalls protected and obscure projects from running which is somewhat irritating. However, the PC Matic group rushes to investigate obscure projects, and clients can physically whitelist programs that are known to be protected. While its not my cherished ongoing malware security instrument, I actually think PC Matics SuperShield is a fair choice.